Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm participating in the Kids' Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley. The idea is to spend one hour sewing summer clothes for your kids every day this week. Easier said than done with a full-time job and two full-time kids, but I'm trying it out.

My first entry this week will not set the creative world on fire, but it is Monday and all...and the shirt is cute, even though I didn't have to sew any of it. It's a plain t-shirt embellished with a flowered peace symbol iron on. I love it, and K loves it, so win-win. The shirt is new, but this could just as easily have been done with an older shirt that just needs some sprucing up (just like I did last year here to cover up a stain on another shirt).

The iron on was only $3.99, full price, and with the 40%-off coupon it was a little more than half that. Well worth it, I think. Especially since K decided to wear several of her good t-shirts when she pained deck chairs with her dad a few weeks ago, so she was running pretty low on non-painted shirts. This certainly fits the bill. She wore it today with a pair of green capris (only a 7-year-old can get away with wearing a pair of lime green capris, I think).

I used these iron ons

which I really like. They're made with soy-based inks and they had lots of cute designs, which is what drew my eye to them.

Not too shabby for less than $7 and a few minutes of time. That's my kind of Monday project.