Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am a good mom...really

So given that I have the week off, I decided to spend it volunteering as much as I can in the kids' schools. I feel badly that it's April and I haven't done much to support the schools; I've been to Joseph's awards ceremonies and concerts and volunteered to help out however I can - from home, of course, since I'm no longer home during the day. This week was/is going to be my opportunity to be a star volunteer.

I planned to have lunch with Kate today, before I did Reading Buddies for her class. Being the great mom that I am, I knew she had lunch at 12:20. She was very worried that I wouldn't be there on time, even though I can't recall an occasion when I've ever been late for something - EVER - in my life. I assured her I'd be on time. Kevin assured her that, given the kind of person I am, I'd be early, even. So confident was I in my ability to arrive on time, I didn't even pack her a lunch to take with her, since I knew I'd be meeting her and I'd arrive with lunch for both of us. No need for bagged lunches. No sweat.

I left here at 10:30, lunch in hand. Tuna salad, crackers, cantaloupe, granola bars, soymilk...I was set. Not only was I meeting my child for lunch, I packed a healthy lunch, to boot.

I met Kevin at around 11:10 to make the big Key Hand-Off (who knew that new keys to electronic-entry minivans cost $135 to replace after they fell into the garbage can that resides right below the key rack?), and I went to the Re-Store store across the street from where he works. I had plenty of time. I browsed, I picked up some stuff, and I stood in line...only to get out of line once I realized that it was 11:50, and I didn't want to risk being late for lunch. I left with 30 minutes to spare, proud of my ability to think ahead and be early. I got to Kate's school at 12:05.


Lunch is at 11:50. By the time I got there to comfort my hungry, sobbing child in the office, there was about 15 minutes left to eat. After I got through reassuring her that her parents had not abandoned her and trying to convince her that I was a good person, we had about 10 minutes left.

I performed my duty as a Reading Buddy, guiltily thinking about my screw-up. After I was done, I collected my Mother of the Year award and I signed Kate out of school at 2:15. We went back to the Re-Store store and had coffee and pecan pie and a coconut cupcake with a red jellybean. Nothing assuages mommy guilt like sugar, you know. It was just the girls.

I think she forgave me. I'm having a more difficult time forgiving myself.

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