Friday, July 3, 2009

Ice Is Nice

I do not have a big sweet tooth. I don't normally have dessert; it's not a health-related thing, it's just that I don't normally have a taste for it, especially after I've had a full meal. But this place has changed the way I feel about sugar.

They recently built one in the same small shopping center that is home to Trader Joe's. That means I have reason to drive there quite frequently. And it is...yummy. They have about 20 different kinds of Italian Ice on tap all the time, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. Plus, the last time I was there, I discovered their Gelati. No, not gelatto, Gelati. It's a layer of their custard ice cream (which is the smoothest and creamiest custard I've ever had, a layer of Italian Ice in the middle, and topped with another dallop of custard. It's heavenly. And it has put an end to the ever-present dilemma I face every time we go to other ice cream places: If I get ice cream, then a few bites into it I wish I had ordered something less rich and sweet because I want something more refreshing, and if I order something non-ice cream based then everyone else's ice cream starts to look really good and I regret my choice. But the Gelati is the best of both worlds.

When Kevin gets home from work in about 20 minutes, we're going to Rita's. What a start to the holiday weekend.

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