Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I want to win!

I have never won anything on a blog giveaway. I have not entered a ton, but still. Anyhoo, I really want to win this skirt from Brown Paper Packages:

I do love the blue one, but I would adore any one of the rainbow colors she made

Kate loves ruffles, and the skirt looks springy and flouncy and fun. It's February. It's cold. That giant rodent saw his shadow yesterday. Who doesn't need something springy and flouncy and fun right now? Bring on the fluffy ruffles!

1 comment:

T.J. said...

Those are the coolest most amazing skirts ever!! Do they make them in grown up size??!!!! Or better question, would it be crossing the line if I had my Bear wear one just so I could see all the ruffles bounce when he moves?! *sigh* I guess I know the answer...