Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something new from something old: Mom & Me Circle Skirts

It's a balmy 80+ degrees here today. We went house hunting (!) for a new place in an old, old section of town, closer to the kids' schools and my husband's job. We stocked up on organic food at Costco. And, in continuing my love affair with the circle skirt tutorial over at MADE, I made matching Mommy and Me skirts for me and K, using a sheet I bought at Goodwill just yesterday.

Sigh. It has been a good day.

K and I have never had matching outfits. Ever. As similar as we are in so many ways, we've never done it. Until today.

We twirled

And laughed
And created something new from something old.

Yep. It was a good day.


Larissa said...

Gorgeous - the skirts and the happy people!! x

Diana said...

Oh to have anything like mom. What a lucky girl you have.

dana said...

oh this is so cute!
I love that you added your labels on the back too. :) Thanks for adding to the flickr group!
- Dana

dana said...

and duh, i just dyed the elastic purple! You just made me smile even more. Thanks for the kind words in the post below too. I love hearing nice feedback like that :)

D.J. said...

Love this post!