Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Surprises

Sometimes when I upload pictures from the camera, I'm surprised by what's on there. There may be pictures I forgot I took. Before I began to upload pictures fairly frequently, sometimes weeks or even a couple months might go by before I attached the camera to the computer (yes, I constantly felt guilty, worried that I would lose the camera or that it would break before I had the opportunity to get the precious pictures of my children safely onto my frequently-backed-up hard drive). But sometimes, especially now that the kids are old enough to pick up the camera and take pictures of random things, I upload a picture like this one:

I cannot make out what this is. I'm assuming that J took it on Thursday, sometime while I was slaving away in the kitchen and he was watching football with his dad in the living room. What are those weird graphics at the bottom of the screen? Are they part of the ever-distracting graphics displayed by networks during every single program? Did he manage to capture a photo right at the exact second when the network was switching from a tv show to a commercial?

Let the Season of Perpetual Surprises begin.

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D.J. said...

My goodness don't you know anything? That is the Phil Simms Iron award given out to the MVP on Thanksgiving of the game CBS is covering.... Good Camara work!