Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Upcycled Pillow Power

A thrift store near us sells fabric by the bag - the bag! - for $3.98. It's a giant bag, the size of a trash bag, packed with all sorts of goodness. Besides the fact that I love creating with recycled materials, it is a beautiful treasure hunt to go through those bags. I have found yards and yards of gorgeous cotton prints, half-finished fabric projects, quilt tops, curtains...everything. It's amazing. In one bag, there was a giant piece (3 yards? maybe more) of blue felt. Perfect for a project that required a lot of felt, so I didn't have to buy multiples of the small rectangles they sell at the craft store.

Last Sunday, my daughter spent time doing this for me

She cut dozens of felt scallops for me on the BigKick machine, which I got for Christmas, and which I adore. It makes cutting out shapes so much easier, since it cuts felt and fabric and even, according to the directions, thin sheet metal (which I have not tried). We used the scallope die. Anyhoo, she cut me a nice big pile

which I love seeing in a stack, too

I cut each felt scallop in half and pinned them in circles around a square of felt that was exactly the same size (14") as my Ikea pillow insert. I made a few rows of petals that way. For the center, I made some small buds with the same scallops (see this post from honeyscrap for a better description of that process) and hand-sewed 3 of them to the center. Then I finished my envelope pillow (see this post from Sparkle Power! for a great tutorial on how to do that) and PRESTO

You can't even tell this photo was taken in our cold, blustery backyard just this afternoon, as we await a winter storm and it is downright frigid and it is windier than I have seen it here in quite some time.

Good thing I have my cozy flower pillows to get me through the winter blast that's coming. What's that? You say spring is on the way? I'm good with that.


inday_adin said...

It's a beautiful pillow! :) I was actually thinking of making some pillows as my gifts to a good friend of mine. Thanks for sharing this one! :)

Adin B

Lauren said...

I am so jealous of your fabric bag! What a great deal. Thanks for sharing the pillow idea too. Its really cute.

michelle said...

I was thinking of purchasing the big kick for this type of cutting, but saw that people were having issues with fabric. So... you are not?