Monday, February 28, 2011

T-shirt Transformation #1

My new blog header is a photo of all of my husband's worn baseball and football t-shirts he cleaned out of his dresser on Saturday. Judging by the logos on the shirts, you might surmise that he's from the New England area.

You'd be wrong.

He just loves the Red Sox; I feel obligated to point out that he's loved the Red Sox since he was 10 years old and he went to a Yankees game and bought his first Red Sox hat. So he's not a bandwaggoner, just someone who genuinely loves the team. Even so, he has a lot - a LOT - of Red Sox shirts, so imagine my genuine shock and gratitude when he handed them to me, solemnly, on Saturday, and asked, "Can you make me something out of these?"

I was a little choked up. There was my husband, Mr. Buy It New, asking me to upcycle something for him. Using his beloved baseball t-shirts. That's marital trust, in a big way.

So I made him something, and I'm making more of those somethings. I hope to post them into a tutorial soon. In the meantime, I made something for K, since, as I pointed out so gleefully yesterday, it is warm here, and she needs some spring pajamas. So one of the shirts there became this:

It's a simple nightgown, made just like the one I made a couple summers ago. In a nutshell, I used an existing nightgown for a guide and added a little bit of room all the way around, since my baby is getting bigger and taller. For this one, I also used a serger, since I now have one, but it's not necessary. I like the way the stitching around the outside reminds me of a baseball, though, so I'd probably do it again just for the look. And because I still love using my serger.

It's comfy, it's cozy, it's upcycled, and it's free (now...I don't know how much the shirt cost him originally, nor do I want to, I know). Plus, Daddy loves seeing his little girl wearing one of his beloved t-shirts. Everyone wins.

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