Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zakka Challenge #3: Pincushion


I sat out last week's Zakka Style challenge because the book I ordered hadn't arrived yet, and the free preview on my phone only went through project #1 (besides, scrolling pages on my phone to make that tote got old very quickly - I'm glad I got the book).  This week's challenge was a pincushion, which took a faction of the time of the zig zag tote (although I love that tote, and use it all the time, so it was worth it).

As I was going through my stash of supplies, a theme started to emerge: Wizard of Oz.  It was like it came together all on its own.  True to my original intention, almost all of my supplies are repurposed, too!  Here's what I used:

- linen (right panel), from the same curtains used in my last project
- rainbow elastic (middle), from the antique store (symbolizing over the rainbow, of course)
- words from the "wizard," which I had printed out on fabric about 4 years ago with the intention of making a skirt for my daughter.  The skirt never materialized, but I kept the phrase and found it in my box of embellishments
- covered button, from a long-outgrown chenille Baby Lulu overall set.  It symbolizes the poppies that put Dorothy and her friends into that nap in the field, right before they get to Oz

- yellow linen and Oz fabric - not repurposed, but from long-ago fabric store purchases
- heart button on back - symbolizes the Tinman's heart, natch

I stuffed it with crushed walnut shells, so it's hefty and nice.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it, since my quilt guild just had a pincushion swap and I was the recipient of an awesome one from a fellow member.  I don't need another for myself.  Maybe this will be the first item in the hope chest I've always been meaning to put together for Kate.


Amy DeCesare said...

Love your theme idea! So cool that you gathered all these things and made one lovely project! That rainbow trim is so clever.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Amy! It was so much fun to put together. It was like it had a life of its own!