Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's My Perogative (Gonna Do What I Wanna Do)

I cannot get my blog to look exactly the way I want it. I keep fiddling with it. Are the colors right? Are the fonts the way I want them? Too big? Too small? I think right now, for today, it's the way I want it. I look out the flowers on the background - too cutesy, the more I looked at them - and am not using my signature. I still like the header a lot: no-nonsense, kind of rough around the edges. Like my gramma.

I feel shallow, worrying to much about the look of my blog, but really, if the look of it is keeping me from wanting to visit it and therefore write - which is exactly what was happening - then I need to change it. I imagine I'll keep changing it as the mood strikes me. But today, it's fine. Which is what I need to remember in regard to many things. Not just my blog. Everything is fine, today.

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