Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy

It is June 27, and I have the entire summer out in front of me. Were I someone else, I would be jealous of me. I return to school on August 17th, and students arrive on August 25th. I have not one single obligation in front of me, not even any plans (with the exception of our trip up north in a couple of weeks; since this is a Happy Blog Entry, that topic is neither here nor there). If I did not have kids, I could literally do nothing - NOTHING - for the next several weeks, and no one would know. I could sleep or leave the county or crawl into a hole, and I would miss nothing. However, being that I am not the governor of South Carolina, I won't be doing that. Still, my plans are light. For example, this afternoon, my plans consist of:

1. buying my GPS, which I have researched

2. getting some Italian ice at Rita's

3. if I am motivated, sewing Kate another sundress with the fabric that just arrived in the mail today

Yes, my life is good today. All that I have is all that I need.

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