Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This sign was displayed in my favorite coffee shop recently:
Kate was pretty excited when she saw it: "We really get a free puppy?" Joseph was more concerned: "What does it mean we'll get shot?" I was just amused by the whole thing. And hats off to the coffee shop for having the audacity to display the sign. It's not a trendy, snarky, cold place run by indifferent coffee snobs. It's a comfortable place with big armchairs and BOOKS and board games, and the staff is always friendly.

I love my kids. They are smart and witty and wonderful and genuinely two of my favorite people in the world. But if I were in a coffee store sans my own children, it would be a rare day indeed; I certainly wouldn't want my one hour of precious peace and quiet mucked up by other people's unruly children running around and screaming, parents sitting idly by, while I was reading. Or sipping coffee. Or staring into space doing nothing.

So...parents, take responsibility for your kids.

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