Saturday, January 2, 2010

28 Days Project, Bonus Project: Kindergarten Goth

I say "bonus" because, technically, this shirt was not already in The Bin. As I was folding laundry this morning, I looked at everything with a critical eye. I threw out all of Joseph's cruddy socks (we bought new ones yesterday) and saw this shirt, which belongs to Kate:

(no, that shot was not taken on a gorgeous stone patio in Tuscany; rather, it was taken on our NEW kitchen floor, which is vinyl tile. Fooled ya, didn't I?)

I transformed it into this:

The story behind the project: I got the shirt at Target last year sometime for about $2. It's great - Champion, I think - but it had two small but visible stains in the front. When I told Kate she could wear it as an undershirt this morning, she said, "Why don't we just cover up the stains with some flowers or something?" That's my girl.

The materials: I used transfer-mations heat transfers, which I got at Michael's on clearance sometime last year. I love these things. They're not plasticky, like most iron-on transfers. They feel like regular paper, and I think the ink just literally transfers from the paper to the fabric when it's ironed. You can't feel it at all. I'm definitely going to look for more of these things.

The process: Plug in the iron. Cut out the transfer. Iron it on. That's it.

The outcome: Exactly what it needed! The whole project took about 5 minutes, from "Hey, why don't we do this?" to "Hey, look! It's done!" She can wear the shirt by itself now, or she can wear it as an undershirt.

The cost: Shirt: $2. Transfers: $2 for a whole sheet, and I just used the big one in the center. There are two or three dozen smaller ones left for small stains on other stuff I see.

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