Tuesday, January 5, 2010

28 Days Project, Day 4: Baby, it's cold outside, but at least my cell phone is cozy

The story behind the project: Once upon a time, I had the idea to crochet wrist cuffs. I even improvised my own pattern. Unfortunately, this is one time I probably should have used acrylic yarn, not 100% cotton yarn. Cotton yarn, as I discovered, has no stretch, so it was impossible to fit over my hand onto my wrist. Then, obviously, once I realized it didn't fit, I lost enthusiasm for the project. But in looking at it, I realized my cell phone would fit perfectly in it.

The materials: Cotton yarn (hot green, my favorite color, and lavender), funky Wal-Mart button in my stash forever, and thread.

The process: I had to crochet the bottom of the "cuff" together, which I did with a simple single crochet. Then I made the loop closure with a chain stitch, sewed on the button, and voila! Now my cell phone is cozier than I am.

The outcome: I am not normally a fan of "cozies" for anything, but I like this. The color makes me happy, and it will be easier to find my cell phone, which up until how has bounced, unprotected, around my ginormous school bag while I searched for it.

The cost: Pennies.

Maybe with the ridiculously cold temperatures we've been having, my cell phone needs a cozy. Check another thing off of the list, too. I like it!

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