Sunday, January 3, 2010

28 Days Project, Day 3: More Stain Coverage

My favorite thrift store had a 50% off sale on New Year's Day. I wish I could have bought out the entire place - who knows when I might need a set of gilded drapes, someday? - but then I would have ended up like the families on Clean House, with clutter and crap everywhere. Anyhoo, I did well and bought some really nice stuff for everyone in the family. I got polo shirts for Kevin for about $1 each, a pair of Carolina warm-up pants that snap up the sides for Joseph, and I even bought myself a sundress from The White House. Of course, Kate made out the best, because she's so EASY to buy for. Everywhere I go, there is a ton of cute stuff in her size; plus I love making things for her, so her closet is bulging.

Even so, I could not pass up a Land's End dress for 50 cents. Fifty cents, I say! When I got it home, I noticed two faint stains on the front, which were easily covered by the flowers I crocheted on the spot, using a pattern from Tip Top Applesauce (her patterns are adorable and turn out every single time. Can't beat that. I own several of them).

The story behind the project: Thrift-store dress, too cute to pass up, has a couple of stains on it. We can fix that!

The materials: 100% cotton Land's End dress, 100% cotton Sugar 'n Cream yarn, button, thread.

The process: Crocheted three flowers, using the pattern from Tip Top Applesauce (one three-layer flower for the bottom, two single small ones for the top).

The outcome: Another winner. The colors are perfect, and it's a perfect dress to pair with leggings and an undershirt for cold days like today. The three-layer flower on the bottom probably needs to be sewn down a little more to prevent it from drooping, but that's easy to do.

The cost: 50 cents for the dress, leftover yarn.

I want to get in a couple of smaller projects today, if time permits. We're all getting ready for the Return to School tomorrow, so we'll see how we do with the time. Plus, Kate wants me to teach her how to mend. Power to the women!

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