Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

Nothing new today - I know I'm a couple of days behind on my schedule, but I'll make it up, I'm sure. I should have planned on EVERY Monday being an "I'm not posting anything new today" kind of day. But to make up for it, I'm posting several pictures of projects that did not come from The Box. Rather, these are some of the things I worked on while I let the projects in The Box gather dust (not really, the box has a lid) and grow mold (definitely not) and sit unloved (that one might be true). Let's hear it for the Procrastination Enablers!
Dress I made for Kate, so she'd have something to wear for the heralded Holiday Luncheon at school. It's the peasant style I love so much, and it's perfect with leggings and a turtleneck. I love this batik fabric, too. It's the first time I worked with it, and the colors are mesmerizing.
Beanbags, for Joseph's new (to him) Toss Across game, which came with no beanbags. These were fun to make, too, and I made some for my niece for Christmas. They're filled with rice and are VERY popular in our house.

Another dress for Kate, this one made from a shirt that was getting a little small for her, and two cut-up adult t-shirts. I love this one. She wears it a lot, and it's even a great summer vacation dress.

So I'm not a total slackass, as I have been DOING things. But now that I'm committed to finishing unfinished projects, I feel a real sense of resolution. Still, I'm itching for that "let's start a NEW project!" excitement again. I guess now's the real true test. Will I stick with the 28 Days Project? Definitely. But it's a challenge.

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