Sunday, January 3, 2010

28 Days Project, Day 3 (Part II): Pinup Girl Hair Ties

The story behind the project: Two simple rectangles of fabric, sitting in The Box. I know I had intended to make hair elastics from them, sort of like the scarves that pinup beach girls used to wear in the 1950s. I don't know what derailed my plans, but there sat the fabric, in The Box, for about two years. I especially love the pink and blue flowered one, which is called Groovy Daisy and is by Michael Miller.

The materials: cotton fabric, thread, hair elastics

The process: All these needed were one 3-inch seam each, up the short side. Then I had to tie them to the hair elastic with a simple knot. Makes me wonder why I didn't get to them sooner. Maybe I cut my hair and didn't need them, so I wasn't motivated to finish them.

The outcome: These will be perfect to stash as last-minute gifts for someone. I like them, but I don't know if my hair is right for them now.

The cost: Pennies, literally. I don't even remember how much I paid for the fabric, but so little of it is used in these that the cost must be minimal.

This was a great Sunday afternoon project, too - big payoff for relatively little work. I am feeling a real sense of accomplishment from the 28 Days Project so far. It has kept me motivated to empty that box. Every morning when I wake up, I think about what I'm going to tackle that day. It feels really good to wrap up projects that have just been hanging around. And it will feel even better when, at the end of the month, I'll have a stash of handmade stuff waiting to be given as gifts or sold in my Etsy store.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your project, Michelle! What a great idea. Very cute and creative stuff. I'll be checking in daily! – Carol