Wednesday, January 6, 2010

28 Days Project, Day 5: Erin's Beach & Beauty Bag

My niece loves putting on makeup even more than my daughter does...which is saying a lot. And since I don't have to clean it off of her walls, I'm going to send her a bunch of it for her birthday in April! I'm putting it all into a little bag, embellished by me with some flowers; I'm also going to include a pair of flip flops (also from The Box), on which I'm crocheting flowers. TWO items from The Box, going toward one gift. Thanks, Erin!

The story behind the project: Bag from the Dollar Spot at Target, two crocheted flowers purchased from Etsy before I knew how to crochet flowers...I always intended to put them together to make this, but I hadn't...until now.

The materials: Bag, flowers, button, thread.

The process: I just sewed the flowers on, using buttons for centers. That's it. Embarrassingly simple.

The outcome: I love that I have a head start on a specific birthday gift, and it will be perfect for her. Although there's no "after" picture posted here, it's done, I swear. The camera is all wonky, so I'll post a picture with the flip flops when I get those done.

The cost: $1 for the purse, about 40 cents each for the flowers, plus the cost of whatever I put into it.

I'll post the flip flops when they're finished!

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Michele Horne said...

Bizarre. I have that exact purse (actually probably 5 of them) in a bin in my shed from about 2 years ago waiting for me to do something with them. Small world!