Thursday, July 29, 2010

Audrey is here! (and so is the new Project Runway season)

In what has to be a fantastic example of great timing, my new dress form, Audrey, arrived yesterday!

That's her. I dressed her up in some of my favorite clothes, dragged her outside into the natural light, and set her up (yep, I felt a little weird dragging a dress dummy into the yard, but so be it). She was a perfect model, very patient and understanding as I re-positioned her and asked her to stand still for different shots. She's a true professional. She has a permanent place of honor inside, in the dining room:
She appears to be unscathed by her journey, via the USPS, across the country. She's my size, she's in great shape, and she cost $74, including shipping, from a eBay seller. My husband, who encouraged me to buy her, is an awesome supporter. He's my biggest fan (and I mean that in a totally non-creepy way). I feel like a real designer now.

A totally unexpected (but totally welcome) benefit of Audrey's arrival is that she came in a large, perfectly usable box. And a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old certainly know how to put that to use on a rainy afternoon
So far, she has been a tv-watching box, a resting spot, a hiding place, a beanbag portal, and a boat. Pretty good for a free, recyclable toy that was responsible for letting me have an hour or so of peace. I love you, Box.

Speaking of real designers...the reason Audrey's arrival is timely is because the new season of Project Runway begins tonight! I have never been anticipating a season as much as I am this one, for some reason. As my sewing skills become more advanced, I find I become more engrossed in the show. And the episodes are 90 minutes long now, which is even better.

What a good day, really. I'm stressed about a couple of things, letting some relatively minor issues weigh on my mind when I should let them go, but really, it's a good day. I'm home with my kids. My husband is on his way home. One of my favorite shows is on tonight. I have it good.

In the next couple days, I'll be debuting the tutorial for the shirt that Audrey is wearing above. Here's a sneak peek:

Now...carry on!


Larissa said...

Can't wait to see the tutorial for the peasant top - it looks gorgeous! Am so envious of you and Audrey - I've wanted a dressmaker's model for so long!!!! You've inspired me to look on ebay .... It's great to hear that your hubby is your greatest supporter - I'm blessed to have a supportive husband too. Makes for a happy home! take care, so glad I found your blog, it really is lovely :)

superh2ogirl said...

Nifty tutorial! Thanks a bunch.


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! I will be making more of these! Thank you for sharing