Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Payback feels awesome

Inspired by having my pillow included on Etsy's front page yesterday, I decided to create a Treasury of my own on Etsy. I've read about sellers waiting anxiously by the computer, counting down the minutes until Treasuries open up, since Etsy only allows for a certain number of them to exist at one time and competition to curate them can be fierce. But I just randomly clicked on the Treasury button and, lo and behold, the Treasury was open and ready for new submissions. Taking a cue from the intense heat that has hit here and is apparently blanketing much of the East Coast, I made a treasury entitled Heat Wave:

It's full of items that will help you stay cool and beat the heat. Even if you don't buy anything, I know the sellers appreciate the love of comments and the views, so spend a little time perusing the goods over there.

It was so much fun picking items for the Treasury, knowing they might end up on the front page. I understand now why people like putting them together. It's like being a personal shopper for the Interwebs, and it gives you an excuse to window shop all of the beautiful things on the site. It's made me look at Etsy a little differently, too; having your item in a Treasury that could land it on the front page definitely increases your product views, which increases the people who heart your shop, which increases the likelihood of sales. The importance of great pictures and titles can't be overstated in terms of drawing people into your shop (and, obviously, having your item picked for a Treasury). I'll be focusing on that in the future when creating, photographing and listing items there.

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