Friday, July 23, 2010

If I were going to re-name my blog,

which I'm not, I would name it something along the lines of I'm on the Crazy Bus. Or Our Crazy Bus. Or some other Crazy Bus name that isn't being used by a blogger. I'd use it just so I could use one of these pictures in my header:

They're pictures I took on the boardwalk in New Jersey last week, and I love them. Plus, the whole "Crazy Bus" theme has so much going for us here. Our house is certainly a little nuts, what with two kids and two barky dogs and one bird that chirps all day long but hates people. Sometimes I feel like I drive the crazy bus.

J asks me frequently during the school year if/when he can ride the bus (my standard response: never. Your dad works close to your school, and he has the same hours, and you'd have a really long bus ride if you rode the bus, and I think school problems can start on the bus...). My own bus rides when I was in school were pretty nice. Our bus driver, Jerry, would play music all the that, in retrospect, was probably not totally appropriate for a bus filled with elementary-school kids. Lyrics like

Could have been the whiskey,
Might have been the gin.
Could have been the three or four six packs,
I don't know,
But look at the mess I'm in!
My head's a like a football.
I think I'm gonna die!
Tell me, me oh me oh my,
Wasn't that a party!

So, yeah, J won't be riding the bus anytime soon. We'll just keep on truckin' in our own crazy bus right here. Minus the three or four six packs.

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Darlene Nemeth said...

Hi, I found your blog through pinterest. I love it and I am following by email.