Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yogurt Pops from Danonino Cups

I do not begrudge the ice cream man the right to drive down our street, Christmas carols blaring from his van at full volume (I'm not kidding), trying to entice kids to go to the curb with loose change in their grimy fists. The kids get very excited, and a few times every year we really do go out and buy something from him. But it's all artificially-colored, artificially-flavored, high fructose corn syrup-sweetened stuff. I cringe when I see them eating it. So last week we made yogurt pops from Danonino yogurt mini cups. I buy this yogurt a lot, anyway, since the cups are the perfect size for K's lunch box, and they're way better than most of the other yogurt out there. Check out the nutrition information on their website. They are naturally colored, use real sugar, and are healthy.

It was super-easy, super-cheap, and very healthy. This is what we did:

1. Start with a 6-pack of Danonio yogurt cups

These were on sale for $2, I think, and I used a coupon, which made them a grand total of $1. Can't beat that.

2. Insert popsicle sticks.
Good thing J is a hoarder (ahem, I mean recycler) and has been saving the popsicle sticks from his store-bought treats for the past few months. We borrowed 6 of them (they were clean), I cut a small slit in the top of each unopened yogurt cup, we inserted popsicle sticks and the cups went into the freezer.

3. Less than 24 hours later, we had yogurt pops! K likes these so much that she requested one over going out for ice cream the other day. They're perfect for us. The possibilities for variation are endless, too - organic pudding cups, natural gelatin cups (they have them at Trader Joe's), etc. You could even re-use the plastic cups and fill them with your own concoction later, thus making them environmentally-friendly (no plastic in the landfill) and even cheaper.

It's a balmy 89 degrees here today. Do I feel an arctic chill coming on? I better go have a yogurt pop before it freezes over outside.

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